Walnut Table

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Why we're different.

Handcrafted Carpentry and Woodworking is a unique company. It features the work of Charlie Frederico, whose range of skills extend from what is called “rough-in” work (i.e framing and similar tasks) all the way to detailed Finish Carpentry. From design to installation, Charlie will talk with you and assist you in getting your plans on paper and then into reality.

Our specialty.

Although the rough-in work is doable, the real joy for Charlie is the designing and building of fine furniture and woodworking. From a simple nightstand to a dining room table and chairs set, built to reflect the unique life of Montana, all pieces are designed in 3D in order to clarify balance, structure and aesthetics.

Where possible, Charlie will build a “mock-up” (a full-scale model) of your piece in order to familiarize you with how it fits in the space you have for it, as well as to see the joinery involved in its construction. Once all plans are approved, the building of your piece will be done conscientiously and with enthusiasm, delivering it to the customer with care.

Get in touch.

If you have a taste for authentic Montana woodworking, mixed with traditional handwork and craftsmanship, consider Handcrafted Carpentry and Fine Woodworking for your next project. Contact Charlie at (406) 890-5015, or drop us a note on our contact page